Koen Zuurbier op de dijk bij het IJsselmeer

Climate buffer

a demonstration project ('WATERSOURCE') on our premises at Andijk

PWN is constructing a demonstration project (‘WATERSOURCE’) on our premises at Andijk. We want to demonstrate the effectiveness off the different aspects of the climate reservoir which are a purifying ecotope, extended residence time of the water in reservoirs, and bank filtration. With this demonstration we can monitor how nature develops in a climate buffer and what the improvement of the water quality is. We aim to create an area of 1 ha comprising the purifying ecotope where plants function as helophyte filters and water and fish from lake Ijsselmeer can enter. Additionally, a set-up with a long resident time in a part of the PWN-reservoir followed by bank filtration is constructed. The results of the water quality monitoring and the development of flora and fauna in the area will be implemented in a digital platform where data will be stored and in a later stage used also for the climate buffer. 

In this project we collaborate with the drinking water company of Barcelona: Aguas de Barcelona and research institute Cetaqua and Aquatec. With our partners, we aim to replicate the climate buffer in the greater Barcelona area and abroad as a solution for droughts and polluted surface water. 

The lessons learned from this demonstration project we will incorporate in the large climate buffer.